St. ReDD

St.ReDD is based on NAKAMURAKIN® FERMENT FILTRATE*1 and is blended with carefully chosen ingredients that suit high degree aging care.
“I want to age beautifully, true to my self”
This is a line up for women who can positively accept aging as a natural phenomena, and can enjoy it as ‘Beautiful aging’.

  • Bringing out the latent potential of skin using the power of fermented yeast liquid
  • Achieve beautiful smooth skin with horse placenta
  • Working wrinkles with essence of Resurrection Plant extract

*1 NAKAMURAKIN® FERMENT FILTRATE from Saccharomyces derived from rice and rice-malt.

Product Lineup

Cleansing Wax
Cleansing Wax

Be surrounded by the aroma of natural essential oils and soft texture while removing makeup spotlessly.

93g ¥10,000 (excluding tax)

Cleansing Foam
Cleansing Foam

The mineral rich sea clay absorbs dirt from the skin such as hair follicles while nurturing the skin effectively. A cleansing foam that can also be used as a facial pack.

100g ¥6,500 (excluding tax)

Brilliant Solution (lotion)
Brilliant Solution (lotion)

Treats lack of moisture and fights the signs of ageing with a serum-like richness. A lotion for stronger, youthful, beautiful skin.

120ml ¥15,000 (excluding tax)

Creamy Gel Veil
Creamy Gel Veil

For dry skin, a deep moistulizing cream with horse placenta. A gel-cream that feels absolutely dreamy on your skin.

30g ¥20,000 (excluding tax)

Inner Brilliant Infusion
Inner Brilliant Infusion

A powerful infusion to revitalise skin that lacks elasticity and suppleness. A concentrated supplement to replenish nutrients needed for essential for beautiful skin.

50ml ¥8,000 (excluding tax)

Trial Set
Trial Set

The key to youthfulness lies in positivity. Nourish your skin and soul with the St.ReDD skincare series.

¥9,000 (excluding tax)


What is the procedure to use the skin care products?
Cleansing wax(Make up remover) → Cleansing foam (face washing foam) → THE FINGGY (Skin lotion) → Brilliant Solution (lotion) → Creamy gel veil (cream)
Does it have an aroma?
St.ReDD derives it’s aroma from four natural essential oils in an original blend.
Frankincense, bergamot, geranium and atlas cedar are masterfully blended.
What are the natural essential oils?
  • Frankincense (Boswellia oil)
    Used since ancient times as a aroma to help relaxation and focus, it is famous for it’s appearance in the New Testament in the Nativity along side myrrh. It is known for anti-inflammatory properties, astringent, cell regeneration, reduce wrinkles and loose skin, as well as for it’s influence on psychological aspects.
  • Bergamot
    Said to calm the central nervous system, it is a essential oil that is relied on for it’s calming effects. Bergamot essential oil has phototoxicity, but the essential oil used at St.ReDD has removed the bergapten so that it might be used without concern.。
  • Geranium
    Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory as well as astringent effects are relied on. Useful in a wide variety of starting from acne to daily skin care.
  • Atlas Ceder
    Relied on to strengthen lymphatic systems and veins. It is ofter used to remove cellulite and swollen tissue. Atlas cedar essential oil contains Ketones( Ketones can have neurotoxins and constricted ovaries leading to possible miscarriage.) When using large amounts caution must be taken in the presence of infants, pregnant and breast feeding women as well as those suffering epilepsy. However, only minuscule amounts are being used and therefore there is no need to worry.

※ The above explains general aspects of essential oils but are not claiming the cosmetic effects.

Is there an age limit?
It can be used by any age. We recommend this product for those over 35. ( However, no testing has been done on children and should refrain from use)
What is placenta extract?
Placenta contains the same composition as a human and contains the three major nutrients, proteins, sugars and lipids as well as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleic acids and enzymes.
The composition is so well balanced that it is near impossible to replicate by artificial means.

※Placenta contains GF( growth factors, substances that have a core role in cellular activity) including EGF( Epidermal Growth Factor), HGF(Hepatocyte Growth Factor) and FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor) and have attracted attention in the field of regenerative medicine. These are considered effective for anti-aging。St. ReDD use horse placenta because of it’s high quality due to it’s high levels of amino acids an nutrients.

What is Resurrection Plant extract?
Resurrection plant extract refers to Haberlea rhodopensis extract. With a desert habitat it is found in particular areas of the Baltic peninsula.
It is a vigorous plant that can regenerate from extreme dryness, back to having lush green leaves when watered. The extract from the plantis said to protect skin cells and reduce wrinkles.
Where should it be stored?
Store out of direct sunlight and avoid high temperatures and humidity.
How long can it be used once opened?
Three years unopened. Use promptly once opened within a maximum of three months.
Where is it manufactured?
All products have been manufactured in Japan.
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