Message from the CEO

“A smile is the best serum” My father, Dr. Reijiro Ishii, specialist doctor in dermatology, always reminds me so.

The smile is the ultimate serum for both skin and soul. It makes the person who smile’s radiate beauty.

I want to make products that can bring about such a smile.

It was out of this wish that FINGGY INC was born.

“I want to age beautifully, true to myself” This Beautiful Aging life style is what we strive for.

Here we send out our products, our pride and joy carefully selected and designed by my Father and I.

FINGGY INC. CEO / Executive director of product development Seiko Ishii

Seiko Ishii

Born in 1973 as the only daughter to Reijiro Ishii, the same year Dr. Ishii opened Japan’s first cosmetic dermatologist the Ishii Clinic. Started to work on product development on MD cosmetics, the original doctors cosmetic brand. Simultaneously, takes charge of Operations and planning of ‘Dr. Ishii Medical esthetic salon’, Japan’s first medical esthetic. (

In 2012, Two new cosmetic brands, THE FINGGY and St.ReDD have been started and FINGGY has been incorporated as the development and sales company.(

At present, she is a board member of Dr. Ishii cosmetics, CEO of FINGGY and acts as director of product development. Learning about skin and cosmetic theory from her father and dermatology specialist Dr. Reijiro Ishii. Her mother, Sumiko Sakamoto singer and actress also known as the ‘Queen of Latin’ music passed on her unique imagination and sensitivity. These two vastly different personalities collaborated to create the basis for Seiko Ishii’s sensitivity and intelligence.

On the 25th of December 2012, on the holy day, the talented Seiko Ishii’s new cosmetic brand was born. FINGGY INC. raises ‘Beautiful Ageing’ as a banner and continues to spread the importance of ageing beautifully.

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