An all body skin lotion has been developed based on the original formulation of the ‘FINGGY MASK’ that has been trusted and prescribed by professionals at the clinic for over 30 years. We bring you : ‘THE FINGGY’
Using NAKAMURAKIN® FERMENT FILTRATE*1 as the main ingredient, the formula incorporates methyl salicylate and peppermint oil. The cooling sensation as if your skin is awakening and the unique aroma from NAKAMURAKIN work to bring out unique character.
‘THE FINGGY’ nurtures your skin all while treating the symptoms of acne, sensitive skin and signs of ageing.

Main Ingredients & Characteristics

Combined with rice bran, rice-malt and sake lees blended with ‘Otoha water’, rich with minerals, are naturally fermented for three full years before reaching maturity.
Methyl salicylate
A type of ester.
Accentuates the effects of the main constituents of
Purported to have anti-inflammatory effects.
Peppermint oil
Belonging to the Lamiaceae or mint family.
Purported to have anti-inflammatory effects.

*1 NAKAMURAKIN® FERMENT FILTRATE is the Fermented liquid from Saccharomyces derived from rice and rice-malt.

Water, butylene glycol, saccharomyces (rice/ rice-malt) fermented liquid, ethanol, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor oil, Methyl salicylate, peppermint oil, menthol, lactic acid, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium hydroxide, sodium benzoate, phenoxyethanol.


After washing the face morning and night, take a portion(similar to a 500YEN coin) onto the hand and massage over the entire face. Finally, cover the entire face gently to further aid absorption.

Feel free to continue your regular lotion and moisturising routines after treatment.

Rest assured the unique aroma of the NAKAMURAKIN and the feeling of stimulation fade in minutes.

Q and A

How long does a bottle last?
Approximately 2 months of use based on the volume similar to a 500yen coin, when repeated twice daily (morning & night) . Time will vary depending on the amount used.
What is difference between the ‘FINGGY MASK’ and THE FINGGY?
The principle ingredients are identical.
The ‘FINGGY MASK’ is a medical product and requires prescription from Dr. Ishii. THE FINGGY is a multi care lotion available to the public.
What kind of skin type is suited?
THE FINGGY caters to a broad variety of skin-types and fundamentally improves skin health.
Where should it be stored?
Avoid high temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight. There is no need for refrigeration.
200ml ¥4,000 (excluding tax)
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