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St. ReDD The first anniversary World limited 10 bottles have been released. 2013 A/W Limited Edition ”INNER BRILLIANT INFUSION PREMIUM (Beauty Drink)”


In commemoration of the first anniversary of St.ReDD, the beauty drink “2013 A/W Limited Edition INNER BRILLIANT INFUSION PREMIUM (720ml)”, the special version of “INNER BRILLIANT INFUSION (50ml)”, which is overwhelmingly popular in the beauty industry got released just only 10 bottles as world limited!

We are providing ultimate gems that enhance your beauty in the bright X’mas as gifts for the women shining forever.

The product is a beauty drink that contains the visions of St.ReDD. Realized powerful inner care by the miracle fusion of horse placenta and fermented yeast liquid ‘FINGGY®*¹’. This premium bottle contains 576,000mg of horse placenta, which condensed as three times as normal (equal to 1,728,000mg), nurtured in the stress free natural environment in Kyrgyzstan. Horse placenta is rich in many amino acid and minerals, essential for beautiful skin. In addition, collagen, hyaluronic acid and FINGGY fermented yeast liquid have been blended generously to support and nourish. Pomegranate juice brings a fresh palate to the mix, making it easy to continue as part of your diet. Nurturing beauty starts from the inside.
*1 FINGGY® is the Fermented liquid from Saccharomyces derived from rice and rice-malt.

Product: 2013 A/W Limited Edition “INNER BRILLIANT INFUSION PREMIUM”
Price: 99,999 Yen (including tax)
Volume: 720ml
Get online:
Period for applications: 1st December (Sun) ~ 16th December (Mon) 2013. ※It will finish as soon as the products (10 bottles limited) will have sold.
Estimated delivery time: 22nd December (Sun) ~ 24th December (Tue) 2013. ※Please note that the delivery date cannot be designated.

The beauty team of 25ans selected THE FINGGY as “My Best Cosme” in the first half of 2013.

The beauty team of 25ans selected THE FINGGY as “My Best Cosme” in the first half of 2013.

THE FINGGY was selected as “My Best Cosme” by the beauty team of 25ans in the first half of 2013.

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An impermanent pop-up store opens in MATSUYA GINZA.


25.6.2013(Tue) – 7.7.2013(Sun) , 16.7.2013(Tue) – 6.8.2013(Tue) The first impermanent shop opens! at GINZA Beauty in MATSUYA GINZA 1F

“THE FINGGY”, the water of the Ishii, nurtured the ageing skin care series “St. ReDD” to take the latent potential of your skin to new heights. “St. ReDD” is made from such fermented yeast fluid named FINGGY and the essence of Resurrection Plant extract and beauty essential Placenta that take your skin toward luxurious beauty unknown. The 4 steps, from cleansing wax to cream, unfold the health of your skin from the bottom up, and get you feel open minded, going out, dressing up…
An ageing care series propose Beautiful Ageing. A beauty drink, Inner Brilliant Infusion, which care your health from inside of your body, also helps you being lively.

  • St.ReDD CLEANSING WAX (Make-up remover) ••• 93g/¥10,500 (including tax)
  • St.ReDD CLEANSING FOAM (Facial cleanser) ••• 100g/¥6,825 (including tax)
  • St.ReDD BRILLIANT SOLUTION (Lotion) ••• 120ml/¥15,750 (including tax)
  • St.ReDD CREAMY GEL VEIL (Cream) ••• 30g/¥21,000 (including tax)
  • St.ReDD INNER BRILLIANT INFUSION (Beauty drink) ••• 50ml/¥8,400 (including tax)
  • St.ReDD TRIAL SET (Make-up remover/Facial cleanser/Lotion/Cream) ••• ¥9,450 (including tax)

※St.ReDD is a skin care series created from an ingenious theory and method named Real Delightful Dermatology for nurturing your skin toward beauty.

25.6.2013(Tue) – 7.7.2013(Sun) , 16.7.2013(Tue) – 6.8.2013(Tue)

3-6-1 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo, Ginza Beauty in MATSUYA GINZA 1F

Opening hours : 10:00 – 20:00


THE FINGGY mini bottle present campaign for 1000 people!


THE FINGGY mini bottle present campaign for 1000 people!
Special offer for MATSUYA GINZA St. ReDD pop-up store opening & renewal of the official web site
THE FINGGY mini bottle present campaign for 1000 people!
Please experience the immeasurable attractions of THE FINGGY on this chance.
This campaign is for 1000 people in the order of arrival.
The product will be delivered to those elected only.

Product Information of THE FINGGY




St.ReDD was introduced in the magazine GLAMOROUS May Issue.

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