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PLAZA玉川高島屋S・C店で『THE FINGGY店頭販売会』を開催いたします!

PLAZA玉川高島屋S・C店におきまして、下記日程に『THE FINGGY店頭販売会』を開催いたしますので、この機会に「THE FINGGY」をお試しいただければと思います!
また、期間中にTHE FINGGYをお買い上げいただいたお客様にはアルミパウチもプレゼントいたしますので、お近くにお寄りの際は是非お越しくださいませ。ご来店心よりお待ちしております。

日時:5月17日(木)・18日(金) 11:00~17:00
東京都世田谷区玉川3-17-1 玉川高島屋ショッピングセンター 南館 B1F

An impermanent pop-up store opens in MATSUYA GINZA.


25.6.2013(Tue) – 7.7.2013(Sun) , 16.7.2013(Tue) – 6.8.2013(Tue) The first impermanent shop opens! at GINZA Beauty in MATSUYA GINZA 1F

“THE FINGGY”, the water of the Ishii, nurtured the ageing skin care series “St. ReDD” to take the latent potential of your skin to new heights. “St. ReDD” is made from such fermented yeast fluid named FINGGY and the essence of Resurrection Plant extract and beauty essential Placenta that take your skin toward luxurious beauty unknown. The 4 steps, from cleansing wax to cream, unfold the health of your skin from the bottom up, and get you feel open minded, going out, dressing up…
An ageing care series propose Beautiful Ageing. A beauty drink, Inner Brilliant Infusion, which care your health from inside of your body, also helps you being lively.

  • St.ReDD CLEANSING WAX (Make-up remover) ••• 93g/¥10,500 (including tax)
  • St.ReDD CLEANSING FOAM (Facial cleanser) ••• 100g/¥6,825 (including tax)
  • St.ReDD BRILLIANT SOLUTION (Lotion) ••• 120ml/¥15,750 (including tax)
  • St.ReDD CREAMY GEL VEIL (Cream) ••• 30g/¥21,000 (including tax)
  • St.ReDD INNER BRILLIANT INFUSION (Beauty drink) ••• 50ml/¥8,400 (including tax)
  • St.ReDD TRIAL SET (Make-up remover/Facial cleanser/Lotion/Cream) ••• ¥9,450 (including tax)

※St.ReDD is a skin care series created from an ingenious theory and method named Real Delightful Dermatology for nurturing your skin toward beauty.

25.6.2013(Tue) – 7.7.2013(Sun) , 16.7.2013(Tue) – 6.8.2013(Tue)

3-6-1 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo, Ginza Beauty in MATSUYA GINZA 1F

Opening hours : 10:00 – 20:00


THE FINGGY mini bottle present campaign for 1000 people!


THE FINGGY mini bottle present campaign for 1000 people!
Special offer for MATSUYA GINZA St. ReDD pop-up store opening & renewal of the official web site
THE FINGGY mini bottle present campaign for 1000 people!
Please experience the immeasurable attractions of THE FINGGY on this chance.
This campaign is for 1000 people in the order of arrival.
The product will be delivered to those elected only.

Product Information of THE FINGGY




St.ReDD was introduced in the magazine GLAMOROUS May Issue.

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Fujin-gaho May Issue

Fujin-gaho May Issue

St.ReDD BEAUTY at MISSONI OMOTESANDO was introduced in the magazine Fujin-gaho May Issue.

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ELLEjapon May Issue

ELLEjapon May Issue

THE FINGGY was introduced in the magazine ELLEjapon May Issue (out 28th March).

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